Chemistry Calculators & Solvers

Chemical Equation/Formula Solver

Easily and quickly solve chemistry equations automatically with this tool.

Reaction Stoichiometry Calculator

Perform stoichiometry calculations on your chemical reactions and equations.

Specific Heat Capacity Calculator

Quickly find the answers to your specific heat capacity equations.

Bond Polarity Calculator

Calculate the polarity (polar, non-polar) of a chemical bond based on the electronegativity of the elements.

Ideal Gas Law Calculator

Solve the ideal gas law for any variable (pressure, volume, number of moles, or temperature) with any units.

Empirical Formula Calculator

Calculate the empirical and molecular formulas of molecules using this empirical formula calculator.

pH Calculator

Calculates the pH, pOH, Ka, pKa, Kb, pKb, [OH-], and [H3O+] of a solution.

Unit Converter

Convert length, temperature, speed and area measurements between different units.

Significant Figures Calculator

Solves expressions with the correct number of significant figures (sigfigs).

Molar Mass Calculator

Calculate and find the molar mass (molecular weight) of any element, molecule, compound, or substance.

Chemical Mole to Gram Calculator

Easily convert between grams and moles of any substance.

Electrical Quantities Calculator

Quickly convert between various electrical units and quantities.

Limiting Reagent Calculator

Determine the limiting reagent of your chemical reactions and equations.

Chemical Equation Balancer

Balance your chemical equations and reactions using this online calculator.